Sunday, February 01, 2009

It's Working Again!

So the first thing I did was put on some True Blood episodes. I think I have some sort of vampire addiction.

Friday night was lovely. The galbi in Hwajung is the best in Korea, I'm convinced. We had great food and then sang for over three hours. I love norae bang. Alicia and I popped into McDonald's - it's just too bad it wasn't breakfast time yet. I fell asleep in the cab home, but was in my actual bed in time to get enough sleep.

Which I needed, because I headed all the way down to Osan, which is about an hour and a half on the subway, to go on my second hash. Hashing is just hilarious. We did a scavengar hunt, which was fun. My team came in second, though by that point we were hanging out, chatting and eating. After the Down Down (the bit at the end, where they call people on the line. This is all very hard to explain. However, I was a virgin once again.) Melissa and Carol came along and I hope they had fun. After, we all took the bus up to Seoul and went to a hasher's birthday party, with a pajama theme. I watched Conan the Barbarian - interesting dialogue in that film.

Today I met up with folks for the book club brunch. Bonji isn't my favourite brunch location and only three of us had read the book. However, we wandered over for Starbucks and I bumped into Tom - one of my coworkers from the first year I was in Korea. Then on my way into What the Book I bumped into Steve (I have no idea what his real name is, but he looks like Steve on Sex in the City.) After some magazine buying and book perusing, we bumped into Nami, who reads such similar books as I and who will hopefully come to a book club meeting soon. Then random strangers in the bookstore asked me for book recommendations, which I hate giving unless I know the person's taste in books quite well. I grabbed a couple of DVDs from the guy on the corner too - I'd like to try and see some of the Oscar nominees, since so far I haven't seen a single one. Afterwards, we went to Geckos for food and then Wolfhound for trivia. We came third, missing out on the 2nd place beer by only one damn point. I bumped into a bunch of hashers at Wolfhound too - I must say, hashers are all really friendly.

My mom called while I was at trivia - she had gone out by the time I called back, but I got to talk to Kari and my neices. They tell me some hilarious things and then break my heart by asking me to come home.

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