Tuesday, February 03, 2009

One Minute

I have a short break before my last class and if I want any peace and quiet, there is no point in going into my classroom, because the kids will show up early and pester me with questions and interrupt my dinner and just generally block any attempts I might make at actually taking a break. So, instead, I'm hiding out in the office, surfing the net and eating leftover beef stroganof, which is my favourite food to make, though only for myself. Not only is each time a slightly experimental cooking experience, but I'm also fairly certain that no one else loves sour cream as much as I do.

Anyway, the rules at The One-Minute Writer are that you hit a timer, write for sixty seconds and then you are done, so here goes...
Today's Writing Prompt: Stuff

Most of us have some place where we keep general stuff--a "junk drawer," toolbox, etc. Check out your stash of stuff, and tell a story about one of the items there.

My main stash here at work is definitely my pencil case. I've had that old blue thing since at least seventh grade, back when I moved to the Humberview. In it are some erasers and pencils "donated" by forgetful students, a bunch of crayola markers that I've also had since the beginning of time, hence they barely work, some pens that I have picked up from various trivia nights in Phillie's and Wolfhound, and some spare paperclips, which somehow I never quite have enough of come monthly test time. There may also be what I like to refer to as "pocket candy" in there - incredibly unappealing candies pulled by germy hands out of lint-filled pockets, to be present to the oh-so-grateful teacher that will be regifted back to the kids, once I collect enough for an entire class.

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