Monday, February 02, 2009


I've always thought that a life without regrets is a life not lived properly. To really take chances, you have to be willing to risk a lot. Sometimes that risk doesn't pay off and sometimes that's going to be sad. The thing about regrets is that they can be instructive. They can be productive.

I just ate more cheese in the early hours of the morning. Depending on tonight's dreams, I may just regret that later.


LSL said...

: )

I would seriously regret that.

Jeaux said...

"I've always thought that a life without regrets is a life not lived properly."

Me too. I've been thinking about regret lately. I've never understood the "I have no regrets" meme, except as a statement of extraordinary faith, but I suspect it's mostly bravado.

It strikes me that regret plays a valuable role in personal growth... we circle back to it to work things out. Though I believe there comes a moment when it no longer serves any discernible purpose, becoming a kind of vanity, and should be refused.

I don't think I've experienced, or noticed, the dream-cheese link. Is that true? I was taking nicoret losenges for a while and it can produce intense dreams, it's even listed as a side-effect somewhere.
Wouldn't it be weird if different cheeses had different dream-influencing properties.

Tumblewords: said...

Hmmm, I find the cheese/dream concept interesting. As I rarely dream, maybe I should try this! :) Nice post...