Thursday, February 12, 2009

Grumble, Grumble

- I need to buy a red dress. To go running in. This is no small feat in Korea for someone of my size.

- I got rained on. Only for a few minutes, but still.

- I have to read Heidi in my spare time (and it's not even the real freakin' book) when there are about 50 books in my house that I'd rather be reading.

- Only one book club book a month, you say, not two? I would have liked to have known that y'all changed your mind, but it's handy as I'm not actually finished the book myself, nor are any of the kids!

- I run a "Fun & Activity" class for two children. Crystal gets to do the activity part, leaving me with reading books that are uninteresting but REALLY BIG and singing really horribly bad songs. If I was more of a kindergarten-style teacher perhaps I could make this fun, but I'm me. I like my students old enough to read books of a normal size.

- In the above class, lil' Jimmy decided to bawl his heart out because his grandmother forgot to pack him a pencil. This in spite of the fact that I had already lent him a pencil. I've now been told all about lil' Jimmy and this class is going to be the furthest thing from fun that is humanly possible.

- I don't feel like doing my dishes.

- Nor do I feel like sweeping and mopping my floor.

- I am also unimpressed with having to do my laundry.

- I paid my bill a bit late last month, thus it's turned up on my next bill and I can't decide if I should overpay or leave it for another month and deal with it then.

- I've seen all the episodes of True Blood and I do not like having to wait for more.

- I don't know what to do this weekend.

- I had to host the quiz last night instead of playing, and since I had less to do, my tab was more than usual.

- Also, everyone bitched about how hard it was but then got great scores. Sillies.

- All this grumbling may well be PMS.

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Yael said...

Grumble away. We still love you.