Tuesday, February 10, 2009


No, no, not the TV show.


I was lost. Quite lost. But let's start at the beginning.

Last Friday night, in spite of my intentions to stay in, I met up with Annie and Martha for a beer at midnight, promising myself I would go to bed at 1:30. I was only an hour past my self-imposed deadline.

In spite of that, I made it to the Yongsan Kimchi HHH run and was a virgin once again, with one other girl (apparently she found it too vulgar...) We did a walking route, which wasn't too taxing or long. At the down down, I got called up to drink quite a few times - thank maude for smallish cups. We went for brunch at Indigo after and I slowly let myself be convinced that going down to hash in Songtan was a good idea. We were in a crazy rush to get on a bus and head down, with the added amusement that I had forgotten I'd said I might go see the Klimt exhibit with Alex, Lizzy, and Martha and they were meeting at Nambu bus terminal, which is where you catch the bus to Songtan. So, I blew through, said hi and ran. We just made it in time for the chalk talk - in fact, we passed the hare on our way into the bar.

And then Mitzi and I got lost. Very, very lost. We fell behind fairly early on, but that wouldn't have been such a problem if someone hadn't mismarked a checkpoint. We ended up wandering around a muddy field for about 45 minutes to an hour, with no idea where the trail was. Finally someone else showed up and got lost with us for a bit, but finally figured out where the trail was. After that, he sped off and we slowly plodded along. It was the first time I had met Mitzi and the conversation and need to follow trail ourselves was great - this route was marked with specials (I think that's what she called them - little bits of paper) instead of chalk, so we had to do more of the work ourselves, which was fun. Usually I'm far enough behind not to get to find trail myself. We ended up in a park, clambering up hillsides, falling over logs, and just generally having a good time when we finally hit the beer check, which I was quite happy about, having worked up quite a thirst by then.

Which is about when I got a phone call from my coworker, who in the hash is referred to as the Countess of Anal Cristo. You see, when we didn't turn up back at the bar (there were four other people missing too and none of us were very experienced), Blow Back Mountain called Thanx for Nothing who called the Countess who called me, to see if I was on trail. This resulted in the hare coming to pick us up in his car. However, not only did we get called on the line for being the last in, I then also got called on the line for answering my phone on trail. By then I was starving, but my friend Anteaus, who lives right behind the bar, had conveniently shown up and ordered a lot of food.

I napped on the bus back to Seoul and went out with some hashers. We ended up at Polly's Kettle - I hadn't been there in ages. I seem to think that the last time I tried to go, it was somehow already closed (that says a lot about how late I was out on the night in question, I guess). Kettles are tasty. That night, I ended up crashing at Shawn's, which is mildly hilarious as she lives a block over from me. And Henry, the balcony smoker, caught me coming home the next morning around ten, because there was no way I was going to make another hash - as much as I wanted to, my leg muscles were not in the mood at all.

Instead, I went to the book club meeting for a book I haven't read since my first contract in Korea. Since it was the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime and since I have been wandering around and about disability blogs lately, I had some things to say, but I wish I had had the chance to try and read it again first. However, we went from there to What the Book, where I might have had another slip of the book ban - I'm not going to count it because I'm going to be borrowing the book club book from Martha and I bought the People's History of the United States, which I want to read to give myself a bit more background - I'm teaching freaking American history and all I know is, well, not much. I've never taken a course or even read a book dedicated to it, so my knowledge has been gleaned from the news, pop culture, historical fiction, and my feminist studies class. Granted, I'm not entirely convinced that it's a good idea to read a social history before familiarizing oneself with the political history, but I've always wanted to read this book anyway.

Which is a roundabout way of saying that I'm not going to consider that purchase a slip. And I get to, because I make the rules!

We then went to Wolfhound, where I bumped into a ridiculous number of people, played trivia, and after went out to have goodbye drinks at Queen with Gavin, where it turns out I knew a few more people. And I met my soul mate - he also believes that Grey's Anatomy is sort of like having friends and that the show has the best soundtrack to shag to, ever. Sadly, it turns out that he too is leaving soon, but at least I got an invite to his goodbye party.

Since then, I've taught a bit, read a bunch, paid some bills, signed up for Internet banking (something to do with getting a tax refund - my school made me do it and they aren't much for giving explanations), made up a trivia quiz for Wednesday and stressed slightly over the fact that on Thursday and Friday I have to teach book club classes for three books that I still haven't read...

You know, I love to sleep. Love it. Left to sleep myself out for months, my body prefers to get around 9 to 10 hours of sleep a night. So why is it that I never get any sleep?

Also, I let my damn cup of tea get cold tonight, which meant that I couldn't drink it while simultaneously eating slices of Chocolate Orange, which is a sublime pleasure. I could make another cup, but I am way too lazy.


Ray said...

wow. you drink a lot. and every bar you've mentioned I've never heard of, and I'm inching towards my two year mark here in Korea. How is this possible?

Also, orange choclate? What is it, and where can I get it. 2 of my favorite flavors in ONE--- could it really be?

Lamont said...

What an adventure, glad you got un-lost!