Friday, February 06, 2009


Questions from Violet.

1. What is your best imperfection? (You can define perfection for yourself.) Being stubborn? The dent in my chin? (Where the hell did that even come from in the last two years or so?) My klutziness? Perhaps just me - I'm not perfect at much of anything. I'm not sure perfect is even something I'm aiming at.

2. What's the worst trouble you've ever gotten yourself into? How did you get back out? That would have to be getting married to someone and realising quite quickly that I was miserable and not at all in love with him. I got back out by running my ass out of there and heading back to Korea - back to a life and job that I love, back to the joy of being single and herding my future into the direction I want it to go. And, about two years later, getting that lovely little piece of paper stating that I was divorced.

3. If you woke up tomorrow and found yourself as the last person on earth - but all services like electricity, water, etc. were still working - what would you do? I get this question right after reading The Road? I have no idea. Are there animals at least? If not, I think that I'd need to create myself some sort of imaginary friend and then I'd wander the world, in hope.

4. If you fell out of a plane while flying over a forest, and were uninjured, do you think you could make it back to civilization on your own? Why or why not? I think it's quite possible. I was involved in Scouting in my teens. I did a fair amount of camping, though it's been awhile. I am not sure I'd be especially handy at trying to kill my own food though.

5. What's the best piece of advice someone has ever given you? Why? Follow the noise. It's true - when travelling, it's wise to be open to the unexpected, and I think that holds for life, too

If you want to play, too:

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