Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Until I Find the Energy to Blog Properly

A photo essay of sorts.

The girls, Cassie, and I at the zoo, on top of a Diego-style jeep.
Chloe and I. Those carrier things are the bomb, but she does get heavy!
Wading in a fountain - where Aunt Amanda proves to be very responsible and adult and just jumps in too ;)
The gift shop is half the fun at the CN Tower, where you can dress up in half the store. Emily is playing a flute, Sarah has a peace pipe, and I am sporting a lovely feather headband.
The girls looking through the glass floor at the CN Tower - it makes me feel ill.
Aunt Amanda is electrifying - at the Ontario Science Centre.

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Banannas said...

no wonder you're tired...the photos made me tireder just by looking at them. but in a fun-filled way. :)