Saturday, July 14, 2007

My head hurts... *pout*

I think it's the weather. My allergies have been remarkably mild so far this summer, so I've not been taking much for them. It could be them rearing their ugly heads, but neither my eyes or the insides of my ears itch. I'm not kidding either. The inside of my ears! So, I would guess maybe the weather causing some sort of sinus issue. Either way, my sinuses are not pleased - I have one of those really horrible sinus headaches where even the roots of my teeth ache. Time for some water, some advil, and one last episode of Buffy before bed.

ETA - Watching Buffy has some negative side effects. Kari bought Emily a wooden snake at the ROM, which while fetching my water in the dark, it made me jump a little. Also, it is disconcerting to look in your tylenol container and see all sorts of different coloured pills. I forgot I had merged all the tylenol types in one place when I moved!

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