Sunday, July 01, 2007

My cups runneth over...

I bought this shirt and it's quite the pain. It's not low cut (which is usually my problem) but it's got a square shape and the sides don't come over enough to cover my bra. Not just the straps - frankly I no longer concern myself with strap hiding in the slightest - but the top bit of the cup itself.

So, I tried on all my bras and found that the hot pink lacey one works. Plus hot pink straps showing is sexier than white. However, it's one of my "this doesn't quite fit but fuck it, nothing does" purchases. The underwire fits just fine, but it's one of those half-cup bras, which just never seems to cut it for boobs my size.

Let's just say I won't be running to catch any buses today!

1 comment:

Banannas said...

you just wanted us to think about your breasts. i understand. :)