Thursday, July 19, 2007


The timeline for Buffy - when she went to school and started college - is close to my own. The clothing, music, even some of the slang reminds me strongly of growing up. I've enjoyed the forth season a lot. I no longer dislike Xander. I still see some of the negativeness around the use of the word slut (again Willow using it-against Faith-which I find a bit out of character for her.) And what was up with sex bringing on a poltergeist?

The issues of cheating and responsibility came up a lot. First there was Buffy and Parker, with the player storyline. Then Oz and Willow, which I didn't really like. Oz didn't take any responsibility for his cheating, really, just blamed it on his animal nature. Unless the running away was supposed to be him taking responsibility. Then Riley slept with Faith-inside-of-Buffy and later he was worried that Buffy had slept with Angel and turned him bad again.

I didn't think much of Angel's reappearances, but I think that to fully follow them I'd have to watch Angel as well. I briefly entertained the idea of starting Angel now and watching them together, but I think I am too interested in finishing Buffy first. I liked Riley well enough - especially as he tells Buffy: "No one giving you orders... I like it." I loved the way they handled the beginning of the relationship between Willow and Tara.

What was up with that last episode? I really wasn't a fan. Worst one I've seen so far.

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