Friday, July 20, 2007

What is Written

An article has been written about a man who sent Austin manuscripts to publishers and got rejection slips for his trouble. I think I would recognise Pride and Prejudice but perhaps not her other novels. I've read a couple and I like them but I was never a huge enough fan to read them all.

Then there is this article which is all about the public aspects of Facebook, Myspace, and blogs and how they are used by journalists. It's interesting because while on my blog my life is being portrayed generally in a more well-rounded way, my Myspace in particular is not. It's a lot of joking by friends, a lot of funny references to evenings out, a lot of exaggeration, and some fairly carefully selected photos. It's a site I use for very particular purposes. My facebook is a bit better rounded, but again, since I don't blog there, it is far from a complete picture of my life or myself. And then, naturally, there are many things about my life that will never make it onto the internet. I wonder what journalists would make of me, simply from my online persona.

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