Sunday, July 29, 2007


-Last night there was an escaped cricket in my room and one in the bathroom. I managed to get them both under a plastic cup in the bathroom but couldn't seem to pick it up and keep them in. Thus, they are still in the bathroom, under the cup. I'm sort of hoping that someone else will deal.

-I added a couple of interesting sounding books (I was reading the newspaper) to my Amazon wishlist and idley clicked on the recommendations list. They suggest that since I like Harry Potter, I'd also love Sex and the City. Uh huh. I mean, I do love them both, but...

-I'm feeling very odd. A combo of lazy and of wanting to do about a million different things but I can't seem to just pick one of all of them and do it.

-I saw Dom last night for some book shopping and video renting. It was fun. Bad Cop, Bon Cop is really, really good. But you probably have to be Canadian to find it funny.

-Limeade is good.

-The problem with living with 10 people is the unendingness of stuff to do. I resent having to make up juice because I feel like it by the time I want more, I'll just be doing it all over again, as 9 other people are going to drink all my limeade. I feel that way all the time about laundry and dirty dishes - it offends me that they just reappear right after you did the housework.

-I want a Wii. Just for the facial matching game. I suck but it rocks.

-I really, really detest packing. I detest it more when it also involves me having to find things that I am not sure where are in a huge house full of stuff.

-I think I actually enjoy the box room Korean apartment thing. It makes things so much easier - to find, to clean, to pack up.

-Buffy is almost at an end. That makes me kinda sad. I am not sure that I'll even bother to start Angel, cause there isn't anywhere near enough time.

-Chapters is selling books for $1 or $2!!! This leads to mass book buying. My god, it's fun! Slightly random selection, fair enough, but still.

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