Friday, July 13, 2007

Touristy Photo Essay Part II

Chloe plays with a helmet at the Royal Ontario Museum. There are so many hands-on activities there these days.

Emily holding a caterpillar. There were all stages of butterfly life on display.

The girls play at being archaeologists in the Incan exhibit.

Us in front of a replica Korean temple. We also did the traditional dinosaurs, mummies, and bat cave.

Emily was most fascinated with lights reflecting on the floor at the Hockey Hall of Fame. I had been to the old one many a time during the CNE, but never before to the new building.

My dad collected these. Dad and Andrew should have seen this together. Though I won at a round of hockey trivia (My thought process: hmmmm, that name is French and a lot of French people play hockey...)

Chloe and I with the Stanley Cup. I do love hockey, I just can't interest myself in a museum about it, apparently.

Emily looking at the sundail at Casa Loma. The most impressive part of this picture is that I managed to take it while holding her up, no small feat.

Andrew, Kari and the girls in front of Casa Loma. It was indeed a castle and a garden. (Bit of an inside joke, but thanks to all those who responded to my IM message asking "What is Casa Loma exactly?" My friends are as geeky as I am, apparently.)

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