Wednesday, July 18, 2007


The odd thing about watching Buffy so quickly is that I feel very connected to the characters. I haven't lost all touch with reality or anything, but it's been about two weeks or less and I'm halfway through the 4th season. I'll tell you one thing - some of it is really annoying after my DVD binge. I find the fight scenes really tedious and the theme song grates badly on my nerves.

The first scary episode - Hush, where no one could speak. Now, maybe it was that I was watching it in the dark, late at night, but it made me a bit jumpy. I've never found Buffy spooky before, but that was wiggy, as Buffy would say.

I'm waiting impatiently to get to discuss Buffy with people - so far I'm trying to avoid spoilers. But I liked some of the music and wanted to look it up, so I've done a bit of looking on the web (also to find quotes) and man, is the Buffy fan community intense. It's not a religion, folks! And it most certainly isn't above critical analysis.


Film News said...

I had the same reaction to watching Buffy as quickly as I did. It started to piss me off after awhile (so I'd take breaks). I too realized this is because it was never meant to be watched so close together, and the faults I found with it were probably because of this.

You know I was mocking myself with the whole religious comment thingy right?

BTW-- you can skip the theme song entirely by pressing "skip a scene" on your dvd remote control.

Amanda said...

Oh, I know you were. But have you checked out some of the fan sites? Scary. And yep, after about 2 seasons of annoyance, I learned all about the skip. But even then, just those first couple of bars...