Sunday, December 31, 2006

First sentences of the Year Gone Past




April: So, here I sit, borrowing Amber's Mac, which I find a bit odd to use after a lifetime of PCs, back in Seoul.

May: I am sure you are all asking yourself "She has a computer, she is piggybacking off of someone else's wireless connection, so she can surf for free, she has tons of spare time, so where are all the blog entries???"

June: ...cause when I wait this long, my early onset alzheimers kicks in and I can't really remember what happened last weekend...

July: I thought this was quite cool. I wish more people had responded, cause some of the answers really brought back memories!

August: Thailand Photos are here.

September: Yesterday started off annoying - my boss pissed me off. He is so annoyingly inconsistent.

October: Since I love to blether on about books-From Sofiya who is far funnier than I.

November: I Lack a Key Gene and apparently it is the one required to be able to appreciate Paulo Coelho novels.

December: Don't Vote - So, via Sam, I came across this site, where I scored 235 out of 350.

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