Thursday, December 28, 2006

In Lamai, Beach awaits tomorrow

After a short flight, I arrived on Lamai and cleared customs. It was a quick queue, seeing as there was only the one tiny plane of us and only a handful who hadn't cleared in Bangkok. I went to arrange a place to stay, thinking this time I'd try Chaweng. However, the cheapest decent place to stay turned out to be Lamai Inn 99, the same place I stayed last time. It's a nice place, though, so that works out fine. Daily massages, good food, and a beautiful beach are all I ask.

Fireworks are going off up and down the beach, I suppose in anticipation of New Year's. I'm exhausted, so now that I've eaten and told Sheila where we are staying, I am going to go and get an ice cream and walk myself back to my bungalow and read my beach book. (Shopaholic Gets Married - I love trashy reads at the beach.)


Naomi said...

Hey Amanda!
Happy New Year! Did you have a good party? I hope you have not been caught up in the Bangkok bombings or been affected by them... (Hope you're okay..)
Will be in touch soon,
love Naomi xxx @:)

Banannas said...

Great way to celebrate the start of a new year! Hope your holiday is beautiful!!