Friday, December 08, 2006

Jane's Bday at Ladies' Night

My most treasured memory will be the look on Vanessa's face when she accidentally bit the head off one of the little Korean doll thingies that Jane got as a gift. Apparently they are not meant to be put in one's mouth.

We danced like crazy. I had a great time dancing at Helios, which is weird. I either hate Helios or love it and am completely unable to predict which way it's gonna go. Aside from Sheila and co., Val and Reena were out too, which was fun. Chatted briefly with the pool playing girls at the Loft and saw Tatiana and her new girlfriend.

In a weirdness, I am in on a Friday night. I am too tired to handle the idea of doing anything more taxing than sitting on my arse in my own place, and in theory I'm doing my Christmas cards tonight. Yeppers, they are gonna be late, I think. However, in practice, so far all I've done is surfed the net, eaten some lovely pizza hut, and watched some reality tv, sorta. America's Next Top Model, Amber and Julie have gotten me addicted!

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Jen said...

I LOVE America's Next Top Model. It's a fantastic show, if you can get past the teenaged angst. The photoshoots are fantastic, as are the costumes and the clothes--I just love watching that stuff!