Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Out of the Mouthes of Babes

"Teacher, you is no Picasso."

Words of wisdom from the same student who said shit in front of me and then pointed out that it wasn't speaking Korean. Too true.

I had a very, very frustrating lesson today. I was trying to help one of my youngest classes to memorize the words and definitions for their test tomorrow. Usually I write up all the words on the board and then write a key word or two from the definition for them to focus on. Like jellyfish, sea. Problem is that of course they don't actually understand most of the words in the definitions. Sigh. There is no time to address problems like that though, cause we gotta push them through each book as fast as is possible.

I had a nasty nosebleed this morning and have been exhausted all day. Sucks ass being anemic. And living in such a dry country. However, I did manage to finish off "Shopaholic Takes Manhattan". Yep, chick lit, my dirty lil' secret.

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