Wednesday, December 13, 2006


The weekend starts tomorrow! Not really of course, as it's only Thursday, but mentally, cause I go to Ladies' Night and if I'm going out, it must be the weekend right? I think my old logic prof would have called me on that one, but whatever.

I like having my break back at work. Only Wednesday and all my homework lists are done. Yay me! Granted, I seem to have just as much crap as ever, in spite of the extra 120 mins a week I have to get shit done. Teaching is like that though, cause there is always something extra you could be doing to improve the curriculum.

Laura and I have a new Wednesday tradition, which involves dinner at Jenny's Cafeteria in Hongdae. So yummy. Italian style sandwiches, amazing salads, soup, wine, the best chocolate cake in Korea. We had Balieus Coffee in Puca Puca after and bumped into Grace. It made me miss YJ, since Puca Puca was her coffee place.

Then we traded some random stuff back and forth between our rooms and I finally put up my Christmas lights. Very cheerful, to have them up. I got a bunch of packages from my family over the last couple of days, including homemade cookies from my nana. I opened that one up early, but the rest I am saving for the actual day itself, to the disgruntlement of my coworkers ;)

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