Thursday, December 28, 2006

I could get used to the boutique airline experience

This is the second time I've flown Bangkok Airways between Bangkok and Koh Samui and I must say, I am a fan. They have lounges with free food (brownies and ice tea, yum) and free computers with internet access.

I was rather silly last night. First off, I put off packing by an inspired bout of cleaning, which is just odd. Usually it's cleaning I'm putting off. Then, fully packed, I sat down to work out when I needed to wake up. 6am. So, logically, I proceeded to set my alarm for 7. However, I'm pretty nervous about times, especially when I travel alone, so it wasn't so hard to shave a few minutes here and there and I still got to the airport in enough time. I just had time to check-in, change my won, grab a coffee and a couple of magazines and calmly wander into the line up for boarding the plane.

It was an uneventful flight. I've now seen the beginning and ending of Lucky Number Slevin, having slept through the middle bit (and that after a large mocha, I should have gone to bed before 4, since I had to get up early!) I read "The Nation", Thailand's English newspaper and Time Magazine. I was sitting behind a monk and have seen two more wandering around in the airport. It's such a noticeable thing, a monk's outfit.

When I walked off the plane and felt that heat... Yay! Summer is back, if only for one week!

I'm now listening to two inane idiots talk about the email they are sending, all about how many girls they have slept with and other randomness. Can't wait to hit the island.

And I can't wait for Sheila to get here, cause that's when the party begins!

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