Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Interesting Email I Got About Teaching...

Three businessmen and three businesswomen will be dropped in a public school classroom for 6 weeks.

Each business person will be provided with a copy of the curriculum and 5 classes of 28 students each. They will get 25 desks and 22 textbooks. Each class will have 5 learning-disabled children, three with ADHD, one gifted child and two with limited English. There will be one identified with severe behaviour problems, one who will be on house arrest and about half who live in single parent homes.

Each business person must complete lesson plans at least 3 days in advance with annotations for curriculum objectives, and state standards, and modify, adapt or create materials accordingly. They must maintain discipline and provide an educationally stimulating environement at all times. they will be required to throughly cover the content, assess each student's needs and progress, handle misconduct, implement technology, catch up new students, all while being interrupted for assemblies, class photos, announcements and meetings.

They must document attendence, write referrals, provide suport work, correct homework, locate (beg for) books and resources. They must collaborate with their department and teams, compute grades, complete report cards and communicate with parents.

And their planning period? If all the above is completed, and IF the copier is working, they may make copies of necessary materials at this time. Or, they may meet with parents, counselors, or administrators who want to know why a certain child is not at the centre of the universe. They must also supervise lunches and monitor hallways. In addition they will complete drills for fires, tornadoes and shooting attacks.

They must attend workshops, faculty meetings, department meetings, curriculum and IEP meetings. They must also tutor the students who are behind and strive to get their two students who are behind in English proficient to take the Standards-based assessments.

If they are sick they must provide detailed lesson plans to accomodate a substitute, leaving specific instructions on what students may leave the class for speech therapy, special programs, counseling or the school nurse for their medication.

If they are having a bad day they must not let it show.

The business people will only have access to the golf course on the weekends, but on their new salary they will not be able to afford it anyway. There will be no acess to vendors who want to take them to lunch, and lunch will be limited to 30 minutes. On days when they do not have lunch, hallway or bus duty the business people will be permitted to use the staff restroom and one phone for 80 people.

The business people must continually advance their own education on their own time and pay for this advanced training themselves. This advancement can be accomplished by moonlighting at a second job or marrying someone
with money.

Last, but certainly not least, they must make sure that at every turn they Leave No Child Behind.

The winner will be returned to their own job.............

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