Monday, December 18, 2006

Winter Wonderland

Friday night I went out with my coworkers for dinner at Shabumi, which was very yummy. But then I came home and had one of those homesick moments. The holidays always do it to me, in spite of the fact that I've had 5 years of practice already at being away from friends and family at this time of year. So I was sitting around, with Project Runway on in the background, just kinda wallowing in it when Debbie called to tell me that the gang was at Geckos and having a great time, but that it wasn't the same without me there. It's funny sometimes how life works out and gives you exactly what you need, right when you need it. So, my evening of homesickness went out the window, cause I went out. Some drinks at Geckos, then some lesbian drama and champagne drinking at Queen, and dancing at King's Club to end off the night. It was fun.

Saturday I had plans to go shopping for my last holiday gift which were derailed by my intense laziness and craving for bacon and eggs. I didn't make it out of the house in time. I had plans to go dancing in Apgujeong after a pre-party at Vanessa's. Had an amazing time drinking wine at her place with her and Joel, then we met up with Debbie and headed to Garden. It had started to snow and it was so beautiful, covering all the trees and falling in big, wet flakes. Amazing walk. Though it did get cold and I was pretty wet by the time we got to the club. Alex was there as well and it was a great night. And I say that in spite of my total lack of love for house music and the total lack of eye candy. Once it died down in Garden, Debbie and I headed to TinPans and bumped into tons of people. She was chatting with Timerlake and Frown, plus Daniel, Tati and gang were there. I met a very cute boy.

Then I had the craziest taxi experience ever. For what should have been a $8 fare at most, he tried to charge me $120. It was insane. So, I threw more money than he deserved at him but not too much more, ran across the intersection and into the back alleys to go into my building through the back door. I have heard of some crazy cabbie stories, but that is the first time it's ever happened to me.

Sunday, the snow was all still there and I went out for dinner with the cute boy, to Outback. He's very funny. I had a great time. We rode the subway together for awhile and then he headed home and I went to meet the girls in Geckos. I did the last of my holiday shopping and stopped in Starbucks to read for a half hour before meeting everyone. Christmas music and a peppermint mocha. I find it so much easier to avoid scrooge-like tendancies over here because I am just so happy to see Chrismtas stuff at all. Makes me feel like I'm at home. So, we had the usual fun at Geckos, crazy amounts of people were there, and lots of fun stories were told. We also managed to attract the attention of a old, crazy guy. His exit line was "See you, wouldn't want to be you" after we asked security to kick him out. Um, yeah, Mr. Crazy. Geckos put on closing time, but the next thing you know, we had hooked up with Amanda and two of her friends and headed to UN for one last drink. Amanda's boys bought a bottle of tequila and a round of drinks for everyone at the table, which led to Debbie stealing people's bling. Vanessa managed to reprogram my camera (now fixed), we all danced to hiphop at 3am on a Monday morning and there was an analysis of Debbie's dancing skills. The oddest people are in UN at 3am (including us!). But it was a lot of fun all round.

Monday went remarkably quickly, in spite of an incredibly long staff meeting. We have our winter camp schedules and books now, which is quite an organizational feat for a hagwon. A whole two weeks in advance! I got a fair amount of stuff done on my break today, which is good.

Went to Paris Baguette on my way home to buy some bread to eat with one of my many cans of soup. I have inherited quite a few cans and really should start eating them. I can't believe I haven't been in there more often. They have normal looking sandwiches and bread! I mean, I knew that and all, but I had apparently forgotten. Anyway, I've spent this evening watching CSI and eating soup and chatting online with cute boy. It's been a nice night. Time for a hot chocolate and a book and then bed. Night, all!

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