Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Weekend

For me, the weekend starts on Thursday night, cause I go to Itaewon for Ladies' Night. This week was the same as always, though it was odd as I was dodging around the bar talking to three particular individuals, plus seeing everyone else. It wasn't terribly busy or exciting, but I think that a ton of people have already left on holiday.

Friday was a great day, as everyone at work was in a good mood. And it was soon over, leaving me to rush home and finish cleaning for my guest visiting for the weekend. We stayed in and watched the remake of The Omen, which wasn't very good or very scary, and I am easily scared.

Saturday I ended up spending a lot of time on the subway, for silly reasons. I then had coffee with Sheila in Omokyo and bought some new cover up at Misha, only to discover on my way home that there is a Misha only 20 minutes away from me. However, then I would have missed coffee and chat!

Scott and I went for galbi behind the apartment and then we met up with the gang at Gecko's. After a funny cab ride with a girl telling us stories of bad haircuts and christmas pajamas, we hit 66 and then club FF for some dancing. Had an usually early evening (in Korea this translates as leaving at 4am).

Sunday I went to an Italian restaurant in my neighbourhood on the way to see the new Bond film. I must say, I really liked Casino Royale. I thought that even without being a Bond movie it would have been good. And it was surprisingly realistic. Got a call to come out and play in Hongdae, but ended up going home and watching Saw II and sleeping.

Monday, Christmas Day, we went over to Lee and Deanna's for some drinks before dinner. Dinner was a turkey buffet at Gecko's and it was lovely. It was a very Korean style Christmas, in that there was five different kinds of meat and some potatoes but no veggies. The noticeable disappointment was the dressing because nobody can make dressing like your mom does, of course. We stayed around for hours after drinking and playing Jenga and just having fun. All in all, a great Christmas. If you can't get home to visit your family, you can ask for nothing more than some good food and great company.

Tuesday I was back at work, sadly. However, it was just a mad two days of trying to get stuff finished and organized before the holiday and then the madness of camp. I think I am vaguely ready, though not as ready as I had hoped to be.

Annoyingly, I have a cold. It could be worse though, as the doctor has confirmed what I already suspected. I don't have bronchitis - yet. I am taking some random pills in a packet from the pharmacy which I suspect are just what you'd get in any Tylenol-style cold pills, but my boss paid for them, so I guess no complaints. I'm certainly not pleased to be sick and leaving for Thailand tomorrow, but I'm sure I'll cope. If I'm gonna get sick I would rather it held off till vacation is over.

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