Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I finally got around to watching the movie (and I got some super cheap DVDs on the street on Sunday - the police came by to chat with the vendors, who were selling illegal DVDs right under a sign stating that they couldn't sell anything at that location - though they are there every week - and so they didn't bother bargaining me up from my first offered price). I thought it was a decently entertaining movie - certainly better than the hours of life lost while watching Benjamin Button.


LSL said...

That's a pretty good endorsement. Really.

: )

By PhoenixStorm said...

That movie was awful but he did bring the pretty which I oh so love. Bring on the sequel and more pretty please.

sarah said...

what did you think? the book was badly written. the movie was badly written. bad writing all around, which was saddening. but i agree with phoenixstorm... hubba hubba rob pattison. and the soundtrack is pretty sweet too