Wednesday, April 08, 2009

My Brain Hurts

Because I'm actually requiring it to do something lately. Teaching Much Ado About Nothing to a student whose English skills are only decent with the object of her being able to write an essay about it is turning out to be a taxing exercise. I have to explain sooooo much. Which means I have to actually think it all through before the class - which starts early, as it's all overtime. Tiring!

Last night I did my dishes (finally) and made some stroganoff with whatever was in my fridge - eggplant wasn't a great addition, but the tomatoes and carrots were. Then I watched Bejamin Button. It was okay, but I was a bit bored with this one as well. Shakespearean student told me that I should watch Slumdog Millionaire, so perhaps I'll try that one next. Likely not tonight, though, as there is trivia to be done.

The weekend - it was eventful. We kicked Friday off with a work night out - soju drinking at J-story in Hongdae. Fun, fun - and due to the drinking games, my coworkers now know a great deal more about me (sort of the theme of the weekend, you could say.) After that I hooked up with a friend on base, which led to some problems. Namely that one shouldn't mix soju and tequila and expect to be in the mood to go running the next day.

However, for all that Saturday morning was not any fun, I did make it down to Songtan for the hash. Thankfully they had a walking trail that involved a beer check and darts. I needed easy and Songtan is seldom easy! I got covered in banana at the down down - 3,2,1 Fuck Off called on me for his virgin ceremony (which if you hadn't guessed, involves eating a banana placed wherever by the girl on her person) and he managed to get banana everywhere. Then I got named, which involves answering questions that the pack asks you and then leaving the room while they tell any naughty stories they know about you. When I returned there were about 30 possible names on the board (which I guess is a good thing, because it was really hard to name the next guy). I am now the hasher known as Encyclopedia Lesbianica. Slightly odd name for a bi-girl, but then several of the hashers have inquired what exactly two girls do togther in bed, once within seconds of meeting me. Apparently my willingness to answer inspired the name. Though why straight people can't just extrapolate, I don't really know. Anyway, I'm named.

I meant to go back to Seoul that night, but there was an On After and I stayed. I basically followed three very drunk girls around, while Ray and I tried to keep them from falling over or being hit by cars or hit on by unsuitable men. I crashed at Melissa's and then caught the train back up in the morning - making it to the Southsiiiide hash an hour early.

Southside was great - it was sunny and warm and we spent most of the trail in the forest. Granted, we also spent most of the trail climbing up hills, though No Name Laura and I weren't far behind the pack. There was the usually Down Down hilarity and then an On After at Wolfhound, for darts and general hanging out. I ended up at Wolfhound from three until midnight, as I stayed for the quiz. In fact, it was a nice melding of hashers and quiz friends. Sadly, we came in fifth, though I was so exhausted by that point I'm not sure I could have handled a win.

The weekends really kick my ass. I need to spend an entire one just lazing around, but I can never bring myself to actually do that. Ach, well. On on to the Easter hash this weekend.

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sarah said...

read the book before you watch slumdog!! <3