Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Every Workday Should Be This Good

In the next two days, I will be working for three hours. Good times.

Last night was a DVD fest. I finished Amazing Grace - had never heard of Wilburforce, but I'm glad I have now. Possibly the most interesting period drama I've watched in some time (and I like myself some period drama). After that I was in the mood for scary and the Strangers was indeed scary. The kind of scary where I have to sort of read a magazine or fiddle around with my laundry while watching so as not to freak the fuck out. Poor little Mormon boys. Then, since I was still in awake and not in a reading or cleaning mood, I watched Hallam Foe. It was what I wanted Once to be like - fantastic AND set in Edinburgh. There wasn't a street he walked down that I wasn't familiar with. And I'm kinda thinking his highland home might have been where Monarch of the Glen was set as well, though perhaps not. After that, I watched the first two episodes of the first season of Dr. Who - I always forget how much I like Dr. Who until I'm watching the cheesy goodness.

After a late night, I slept right up until my 11:30 alarm, at which point I...

...lay around in bed some more! I love reading in bed in the morning and it's not been something I've had time to indulge lately, with all the hashing. I considered making some French toast, but was feeling lazy, so I headed over to Indigo for an English breakfast and a smoothie. After bumping into Lauren, I walked into Itaewon, ran an errand, traded in some books at What the Book (I think I may have ended up with the same number again, actually!) and then stocked up on ground coffee and had my cafeine fix for the day at Starbucks. I meant to take the subway to work to get here around 6:30ish, but I got to reading too long in Starbucks, so I cabbed my way over.

So here I am, with one student for my class, some report cards to do, a class to lazily teach, and two packages of new undies from my mom for my birthday.

And tomorrow's going to be just as good! Woo!

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