Tuesday, April 07, 2009

That's It?

I watched two very boring movies last night while doing a bit of cleaning (and some eating of delicious homemade lasagna.) The first was Ironman and they just didn't develop those characters enough for me. I like a good superhero movie (I loved all the X-Men movies) but in this one, I kept tuning out during all the fighting bits. The second movie I watched was the Duchess, which was just tedious. I kept waiting for something exciting to happen or someone to die and then it was just over. My new British ninth grader (to whom I am desperately trying to explain Much Ado About Nothing) had seen it as well and was similarily bored by it.

I must have about twenty or so movies at home that I've bought and never watched, so I'm aiming to get through some of them between now and whenever I stop being lazy and call to have internet set up. Since all the shows back home seem to be in hiatus right now, I'm in no rush.


Christine Gram said...

You Go Girl... NaBloPoMo with no internet? Did I read that right? Hope you've been well as I've been MIA lately. I'll try to catch up. ;)

Amanda said...

Well, I have internet at work and I live in the most wired country in the world. It hasn't been hard to cover the weekends. Though my posts have been rather on the short side.