Friday, April 17, 2009

Meh Movies, Meh Books

Last night I watched Wolverine or whatever the new X-Men movie is called. It was sort of meh, but I had the oddest DVD. They somehow got ahold of the movie before all the special effects were done and every once in awhile, there would be computer graphics that weren't finished. It made the whole thing considerably more hilarious. However, since I quite liked the X-Men movies, this one was disappointing.

I also recently got around to watching Elizabeth, the Golden Age, which was fantastic and more than made up for the disappointing period flicks I've seen lately (The Duchess, I'm looking at you here!). Blanchette was awesome. I really must brush up on my English history - the Henry VIII/Elizabeth I period is the only part I know at all well.

I'd buy a book, but I have more than enough to read now as it is. The book I'm reading now is a bit of a rough go - The Great Fortune by Olivia Manning. It's going to take awhile to accustom myself to such an old fashioned style, though since the author herself was in Romania during the beginning of WWII I'm hoping the content will be fascinating... soon.

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Banannas said...

i was completely blown away by cate blanchett as elizabeth. i think that was the first movie of hers i saw...or at least the first one that made me sit up and bark.

hiya, there. i've been trying to be less neglectful of my blog and was happy to see that a few people still read it. thanks for the comment!

hope you're doing well...if our schedules ever match up for it, let's get coffee/wine sometime!