Thursday, April 23, 2009

Asses: Handed to Us

Only Sharlene and I made it to the Phillies Quiz last night and while we would have beaten all the teams hands down if winning were based on the most answers per capita, we didn't do too well. Turns out that neither of us ever reads the news and hence have no idea what is going on in the world. My excuse, of course, is my continuing lack of internet access at home, but to be honest I wasn't reading the news obsessively when I did have it.

After the quiz I watched Deception - it made me ponder if such a thing as a sex list would really exist. It wasn't very scary, which was disappointing. Anything I can watch at night by myself without the slightest freakout needs to be working harder on the scary.

I finished The Great Fortune and ended up totally loving it. Sadly, I bought the first and the third for 1,000 won but I'm missing the second part. I've requested it for my birthday, so I'll have to wait for a bit, as my mother's demand to know which books on my Amazon list that I most wanted came on my birthday. Granted, since I haven't mailed my brother his gift, it won't be arriving by the 25th either! I also bought a bunch of secondhand Kathy Reich books, since I really loved the one I picked up the last time I was in a Canadian airport - again missing the first, so I'm going to wait for that one to arrive too.

Why is it that I consider chosing the next book I'm going to read as such a stressful thing?

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