Thursday, April 02, 2009

Min-su likes animals

And apparently can actually speak English! We read a book about animals today and then I showed them some animal flash cards and he knew the English names of at least three quarters of them. Then we drew some animals and did the Hokey Pokey. That song is not the most dignified, as at one point I am supposed to stick my bottom in and shake it all about.

Though I may have been doing that last night, post-trivia. We didn't win, but the winners shared and after several shots of vodka and several 1,000 won drinks ($1), well, let's just say that I was primed to enjoy myself.

As always, today was long and tiring. I've lost a class though, which meant I had an hour to wander down the sunny street to a coffee shop, buy myself some coffee and some sort of strawberry tart, and relax. God that was nice. They've been fixing the streets and sidewalks for the last six months and are finally finished. I wasn't too impressed until I saw the final step: plants. All the way down the street are new gardens seperating the street from the sidewalk. It's quite lovely.

I'm off home to clean up my disaster of a house and watch old Grey's episodes and DVDs, since I'm not sure my brain is up to functioning enough to process the book I'm reading right now (The Omnivore's Dilemma, which is fabulous).

It's Friday tomorrow and it's spring!

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