Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lotte Mart Is Where It's At

Lindsay eating chicken donkas - I think it is basically anything breaded and fried, though usually it's a pork cutlette.

Lindsay and I weren't up to much last night - I made dinner (okay, warmed up leftover pasta from Outback and tossed in a few things) and then we watched TV. The weather seems to have forgotten that it isn't supposed to be monsoon season anymore and it is wet, wet, wet. And I'm definitely coming down with a cold. I had hoped it was bad allergies, but not only did doubling up on allergy mediation not help, but I also now have a sore throat. It sucks. 10.5 hour days + a guest + a holiday where I intend to enjoy myself, dammit + a cold? Not fair! So, she fell asleep early, I farted about a bit, and we both went to bed early.

Mine was a pork cutlette, smoothered in egg, on top of rice and in some sort of broth. Not bad, but I'll go back to the original next time. Served with a million side dishes, of course.

Tonight we went out for donkas (sp?) nearby and it was like they were hosting a special night for foreigners. Bumped into a coworker and her fiance and there were three other randoms. We outnumbered the Korean folks, which doesn't happen often in good old Hwajung. Since it was still raining, the planned shopping expidition on the Rodeo has been postponed, but we went to Lotte Mart. I had some stuff I needed, we needed more juice, and Lindsay was after a hat that I bought a few weeks ago.

Lovers Original / THE LOVERS & MARCH - OCTOBER 2007 / Vintage Military Excellent. / All Rights Reserved

And a marvelous hat it is, though I think the second one is even more fun. I just couldn't resist them, though I really don't need a hat, much less two hats. At least they were cheap, I guess.

Where am I ever going to have the ovaries to wear that??? But I do love it!


Banannas said...

i demand that you wear the hat next time i see you!

and if you ever decide to get rid of your hat(s), i will gleefully take...oh, i'm such a hat whore.

have a good holiday!

Amanda said...

Happy Chuseok to you too! If you have a spare day/night from family activities, come out!