Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Just Because I'm Paranoid, Doesn't Mean They Aren't After Me

And an article about how Caltech graduate student Virgil Griffith just launched an unofficial Wikipedia search tool that with one or two clicks, you can see all the anonymous edits made from those addresses anywhere in Wikipedia's pages.
Some of the examples they have already found:

Exxon changed the description of the Exxon Valdez oil spill from a count of the animals killed and an explanation of the long term affects to say that, essentially, there are no long term affects and the oil spill seems to have increased the salmon harvest.

Somebody from the Turkish Treasury removed the part on the Armenian genocide.

BBC censors excerpt from BBC-commissioned report criticising the BBC's tendency to self-censor

Somebody from the South African Government vandalized the article on AIDS in South Africa several times and added "'I think that was all bullshit, thats why i deleted it. Thank you motherfucker!"

ACLU ip address claims Pope Benedict XVI is a homosexual pedophile and misogynist:
"during the Pope's final illness, he carried out many of the Pope's functions as leader of the Catholic Church, such as molesting young boys and degrading women."

Foxnews employees were told to present right wing republican propaganda. This part was removed by Foxnews.

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