Monday, September 17, 2007

Lindsay's Already Addicted to Weed* and Eating Pho


Sunday I slept in late. I'm either coming down with a mild cold or have bad allergies. I can't decide which, so I'm doubling up my allergy doses to see if that heads things off. I can't imagine having to try and do stuff with Lindsay after a 10.5 hour day while being sick. So, fingers crossed. Anyway, catching up on my sleep on Sunday morning helped a great deal. I was at the airport an hour early, since I was overly concerned about the bus taking ages from where I live now. Apparently there was no need to worry. I picked up some interesting looking Korean novels in translation that were remarkably cheap. And then I stood around. A lot. Drinking a coffee and watching an awful lot of news cameras show up. I'm not sure what famous person might have been on that flight from Vancouver, but someone was.

After we bussed it home, it was like Christmas and my birthday all at once. Linds brought me a ton of North American stuff (plus a ton of presents that I now have to resist opening until December.) We had dinner at Outback and watched some Weeds. She tried to pretend she was wide awake, but kept closing her eyes. And she didn't stir at all when I got up for work. In fact, she's crashed out as I write this.

Tonight we went out for Lindsay's first pho. I think she liked the fried with coconut stuff better than my fav soup, but it was yummy. As was the Baskin Robbins after. Next up is some shopping on Hwajung's Rodeo, planned for tomorrow.

Me posing with a baby octopus. Neither Lindsay or I actually ate it - she doesn't like fish/seafood generally and I blame my only bout of stomach troubles in Korea on some baby octopus I ate on my first couple of days in country...

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