Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Going North!

So I'm finally going to North Korea, on a weekend trip with Adventure Korea. It's exciting because every year I've intended to go and because it's rather pricey (maybe 450,000 with all the extras, all of which I fully intend to do) and I seem to lack organizational skills. Between Brian and Jenn, I think I will do a lot more this year, as they are gungho to organize stuff for everyone. :)

If you wanna come along, it's the first weekend in November and there are still seats, though I hear the trips fill up fast.


Banannas said...

another friend of mine went and told me about it...have a good trip in propaganda-land!

Amanda said...

Oh, I know. I think it is mostly hiking and an acrobat show. I just think it will be quite an experience.

PhoenixStorm said...

Oh I wanted to do that trip too. We should plan to get everyone to go to the ginseng festival coming up too!