Saturday, September 08, 2007

I Smell Like a Whorehouse

Sarah, Jen, Samarra and I outside the very posh Sheraton Hotel/Walker Hill Casino.

To set the scene: Joel is someone I met at Queen, with Debbie. I had just met her that night, in fact. It was a time when I was in the midst of saying goodbye to lots of people and looking for a new crew to hang out with. It was a night of drinking tequila from a bottle brought in by Daneil's boyfriend, the one who used to basically hump my leg. Joel was sitting alone, looking bored, so Debbie and I decided to go chat with him. It was about at that time that I started getting better at just chatting with strangers, just chillin'.

A self-portrait in the rather posh bathroom. The other bathrooms were like little egg-shaped pods with the most odd and disturbing video/art things.

So, I want to preface this post by saying how much fun it was to celebrate a birthday with Joel. He is a dear friend and a wonderful person. However, I had a rather bizarre night last night. First off, we went to dinner for at Buddha's Belly. I have no idea what happened with the bill. It was like someone didn't bother to put in money at all or something, because with a bill of 270,000 I ended up throwing in 100,000. There were 6 people. Don't ask me! But Joel started saying he'd pay when we were short and it being his birthday, I just figured I would pay to end the discussion. I hate silliness over the bill.

What is Samarra pondering so seriously during a night out at the bars?

Then we went to the Woo Bar at the Sheraton Hotel, the one with the Walker Hill Casino. Super posh. Yummy drinks. Trays of cheap shots, but everything else was very pricy. There was a lot of odd art - some cool and some really bizarre and rather offensive cartoons. I'll post pics once I get home and can download them (I'm blogging from Jo's house at the moment.)

The birthday boy, posing for a pic with Polly and Patrick.

From there, we went for a few drinks in Itaewon - not a late night, just a couple at Geckos and Wolfhound. However, while walking to get a taxi, I walked past a group of Korean people having an argument. Somehow a bottle of perfume was dropped and splashed all over me. The smell was so overwhelming it gave me a headache. I'm just happy I was on my way home and not on my way to another bar, because I would have come across as a little deficient in the grooming department!

Cheap tray of shots and very yummy martinis.

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