Sunday, September 09, 2007

Coworkers Chowing Down

Here we are on the staff dinner on Friday night. I seem to have taken the pics while all the foreign teachers were off getting more food. It wasn't a bad place. I liked the sushi and there were some fake fajitas.

My director, David, is on the far right of this one. And you can see Sean's back. Poor thing has caught chicken pox from one of our preschool students. Let's hope multiple bouts of it have given me immunity, cause I am not in the mood to get the pox.

Like fish? Seriously, they had some good salmon sushi. And smoked salmon and capers. I was in heaven.

The chocolate fondue was great. However, we had to do a bit of improvising. We took an entire bowl of chocolate back to the table and took all the fruit salad with us.

Because, somehow, dipping cherry tomatoes, potatoes, nacho chips, bread, or crackers wasn't so appealing. Notice that we did take the marshmellows, but we left one behind. To not look greedy.

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