Monday, September 17, 2007


It took me a long time to come around to trying bonjuk. After all, it doesn't look terribly appealing, and frankly the idea of rice porridge doesn't really get me going either. Laura ate it constantly though and I was finally persuaded to try. All I can say, is it's Korean comfort food. It's "I'm sick" food or "I'm hungover" food. It packs the feel-better factor of chicken noodle soup along with a healthy wallop of carbs. I like it.

The place near me gives you a ton of random side dishes, but I don't eat any of them. I like the basics. The chicken porridge, mix in the sesame seeds and seaweed, add the salty beef in the separate little container, remove the decorative roots (or at least I assume decorative) and off you go. Yum.

Korean food culture has always promoted health and integrated ingredients with different curative qualities. Low-fat and abundant in flavor, Korean menus have been active advocates of health consciousness and eating right.

Inspired by that very culture, BONJUK has revamped the common porridge. Porridge is recognized across time and cultures as a ‘get-well’ food but BONJUK has fast become the leader in endorsing the notion of wellbeing in Korea.

Good food is cooked with love, with soul and that’s exactly what Bonjuk is bringing you – Porridge with a soul. We do not believe in pre-cooking our food as we believe in ‘home-style, slow food’ – Good Food.

We promote the concept of ‘slow food, which simply means freshly preparing our porridge using high quality ingredients to create a bowl of porridge that is made with soul.

Today, in the midst of our daily chaos and activity, we often resort to fast food and convenience. We lack flavorful, quick and healthy food to keep our bodies strong.

Keeping that in mind, BONJUK has successfully created a wide range of porridge menu designed for a fast paced culture – “Wellbeing Slow Food”, porridge with a soul.

Choose health. Choose BONJUK.
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Banannas said...

korean soul food whoooo!

hope you're feeling better...i think it's just the season for colds galore though...i'm coming down with something too...bah.