Friday, April 20, 2007

You have to eat it too?

I am wonderful at buying healthy food. When I am shopping for food, I am quite virtuous. I am all about the fruit and veg and will refuse to buy myself Coke (too heavy to carry!). However, the eating more healthy plan is stumped by the fact that just buying healthy food and putting it in the fridge isn't enough. You have to EAT it too! That said, I am eating quite a lot better at Candace's.

And I'm finally sleeping more than 5 hours a night. Those last couple of months in Seoul were exhausting. My body is soooo happy to be able to sleep all it wants and apparently what it wants is to sleep 10 hours a day. Ahhhhh, sleep. How I love you! I can't believe I survived on so little sleep for so long! There are few pleasures more sensual than sleeping for 9-10 hours and then waking up to read in bed for a half hour or so before rousing yourself and getting out of bed. Candace's early morning schedule also has me going to bed at a more normal hour, though I do read in bed for about another hour after she goes to bed.

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