Saturday, April 21, 2007

Drunk Dial No More

Morning Edition, June 28, 2006 · "Drunk dialing" could be a thing of the past. One company is introducing breathalyzers on some of its U.S. cell phones. You blow into a spot and, if you've had too much to drink, the phone displays a weaving car hitting traffic cones. It will then prevent you from dialing pre-specified numbers that could cause embarrassment. Hundreds of thousands of "breathalyzer phones" have already sold in South Korea. Now, if only they could make a cell phone that didn't drop so many calls.
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Hahahahahaha. I was often to be heard commenting in Korea about how in this day and age, drunk dialing is all too easy. You can do it while still at the bar! And even worse has got to be the drunk emailing, as that is saved for posterity. Oh, the horribleness! I had a friend in Korea who had a phone with a breathalyzer, which provided no end of amusement when we were at the bar. Let's just say that it's good that I have never learned to drive because I was always shockingly over the limit. I had no idea that it could also stop the drunk dials though. Korean phones are genius. I think they can probably even wipe your ass for you, they do so many things.

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