Thursday, April 26, 2007

How am I THIS lazy even on vacation?

So, I'm finally getting around to blogging about my last weekend in Seoul...

The weekend kinda started on Wednesday, when Vanessa, Sarah, Alex, Roger, and Amanda came to Bricx to smoke some hookah and drink some cocktails. Apparently I introduced Roger to Bricx, which is a fair trade for being introduced to the eggman/McDs breakfasts. Yum. I can't handle smoking and drinking in the same evening apparently - it makes my whole body, especially my fingers, tingly. Fun, but I had to take off by 3am. Geckos Mike had some wandering hands after the shots... ;)

Then Ladies' Night on Thursday. Brilliant. I love Ladies' Night. It was a very late night. Fun, fun, fun. A great way to say goodbye to some amazing people. Spent a lot of time talking to Mike. He and Amanda and I ended up in her room at 7am listening to jazz and drinking a bottle of Malibu until we dozed off. We went for a late brunch the next day at Indigo. Yummy.

Friday I had dinner with Joel. He was going to go home after, I was going to go home early. We went to Pattaya and then went to B1 for ONE drink. Then we went to Queen. We thought we should go say hi to all our peeps at Geckos... Some interesting photos were taken, most of which Sarah might not appreciate me putting on the internets ;) The next thing you know we were back at B1. TJ was there with a friend of his, who was hitting on me. I wasn't interested, but didn't expect what was going to come next...

So, I went to the bathroom. Bathrooms in Korea are often unisex, with a stall for the gals and the urinals in the main part with the sinks. In the bathroom was a friend, T. He had pulled his zipper so far down it had gotten stuck (fair enough, this has happened to me too). So he is trying to do up his pants while I laugh at him until he asks me for help. And so, just as I lean down and yank up his zipper, the hitting-on-me guy WALKS IN. Now, we all know what he's thinking and I will grant you that the whole thing looked amusingly dodgy.

Our party moved on to Queen, which has got to be one of the most fun places to dance in Seoul. (It's on Homo Hill, one hill over from Hooker Hill and Africa Alley, just in case you need directions!) We danced for hours and then at some point Sarah started insisting that we go to Old Town Seoul, because she had never stayed out late enough to make it before (all the while insisting that she was getting up early in the morning to go running...) It was very, very sunny and bright when I made it to McDs for a sausage egg mcmuffin. It was late enough, in fact, that there were normal, everyday people at McDonald's actually having a breakfast that was occuring after a night of sleep and an early morning alarm.

Obviously, I didn't get a lot of stuff done on Saturday... Saturday night is another story, of course. In fact, it was just about the same night as Friday. Went to Wolfhound with Samarra, Laura, Marie, and Hanna for dinner and then wandered to Geckos, Queen, King's Club, and Old Town Seoul. Alex bought me some goodbye flowers :)

Sunday by the time I made it to the bar, I discovered that many, many people were still going from the night before. I managed to miss Jo entirely, found Jeni in quite an amusing state, and discovered that Vanessa and Sarah had joined the shooter's club with a guy they met. After 15 shooters, the guy was getting gropey, Vanessa wanted a tattoo RIGHT NOW, and Sarah was praying in the bathroom. And not to the porcelin god, surprisingly. ;) Alex apparently finds me funny. And he likes my shoes! Take that, Karlyyia! We ended up in Bricx again, as Roger is now addicted. And that's when the evening got interesting. We smoked 3 hookahs, drank many drinks, and played "Spin the Screwdriver". Jane's idea! Watching the two boys spin each other and kiss might have been the most amusing part.

The idea was to stay out until 6am, go to Amanda's and grab my bags, somehow haul them down an almost vertical hill, grab a taxi on the main road, go to the airport with plenty of time to exchange some money into HK$. However, I was nodding off at Bricx (which stayed open extra late cause there were so many of us there spending a small fortune) and I went home early. And fell asleep. And overslept through my alarm. And left for the airport an hour later than I should have. And took forever getting through immigration. And walked last onto a plane that had to be HELD FOR ME! Oops!

The only good part of it was that I don't really recall saying goodbye to people. I think that is probably best. I am glad to just leave it as a great night out, see ya all soon. I miss my Seoul peeps.

Love to love ya!

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