Monday, April 09, 2007

Goodbye to Amanda Teacher

I got some very amusing goodbye letters from my students. Here are what two of my favourites said:

"Amanda theacher. My name is Sally. theacher I like you. You is very kind, very nice, very good explain. Amanda theacher byebye see you 2 years from today ~"

This came about because when they asked why I was leaving, I explained that I had been living in Korea for two years and it was time for me to move on. Apparently Sally now thinks that I will live in Canada for two years and then back to Korea for two and so on... Another class, my youngest, I told them that I was going to Canada to visit my neices and one little girl burst into tears and asked "But Amanda Teacher, when will you visit us?"

Another letter said on one side: "Bye Bye Amanda, I love you, you math is fun" with the math part crossed out and on the other side: "Bye Bye Amanda, I love you, you English class is very fun, good bye."

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