Thursday, April 19, 2007

Last weeks in Seoul

Have you ever been at a bar until 6 am on a Thursday in aid of helping someone else pick up? I was, two Thursdays ago. I do love Ladies' Night and am much saddened that I have left them. Ahhh, the days of table dancing. Ahhh, the cute boys. Ahhhh, the free rum and coke. Ahhhh, the girl kissing. Fond, fond memories.

My second last weekend in Seoul started off with some lovely food at La Tavola. Another place I will miss. I had quite a pub crawl that night (Geckos, Seoul Pub, Wolfhound, King's Club, McDs).

On Sunday Vanessa and I were in What the Book when she got a text from Jeni asking if we were in Geckos. Vanessa called out to me asking who Jeni was and Jeni herself replied, as she was a few rows over. We had a great dinner at Geckos and later part of the party moved to Wolfhound, where poor Sheila managed to get cake smushed on her face and peed on by a puppy. All in a normal Sunday night...

Monday was my last day at work. Quite anti-climatic, really. I spent most of my prep cleaning up my desk and scanning photos. After the day was over, we went to the galbi place for one last meal together and drank some soju, before I left to pack up and start moving my stuff out.

The plan was to stay with Amandalicious, who lives up an insanely virtical hill in Haebonchon. Thank god for cheap taxis, cause there was no way I would have gotten my suitcases up that hill. I spent the days during the week running my errands one at a time - not on purpose, I have no idea how it all took so damn long each day! Transfered a satisfying amount of money back to Canada, yay for the exchange rate!

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Candace said...

So much fun in Korea - hope you like Hong Kong as much!!!