Thursday, April 19, 2007


I have been a very lazy blogger lately. Tons of things have been happening, many of which I have wanted to blog about, but I have been far, far too busy.

Three weeks ago I finally made it to the Kimchee Museum in the COEX Mall with Samarra. It was very amusing. First, there was some great Engrish. My favourite was the discussion of a softer type of kimchee: "This type of kimchi shows a good manner of honoring and respecting the elderly in Korea." Then there was the health section, advising the effectiveness of a Kimchee diet for weight loss, cancer fighting properties, and some cartoon antibiotics.

Most of the museum was diaoramas of how kimchee is made or plastic imitations of all the types of kimchee. Thankfully we were spared the tasting part, as it only runs at certain times. The ceilings were very low in parts, once the ceiling was about an inch away from Samarra's head.

COEX mall is full of cheesy photo ops. The one above is my favourite, but there were also giant stuffed bears and sharks to pose with.

While shopping I introduced Samarra to my favourite character, Pucca. Here is what it said on a bag about her: "Rounded head, amazing smile. The only daughter of Guh-Ryong Chinese restaurant. She always seems like a rebel with her own agenda, but her love for Garu is the strongest in the universe!! Go Pucca, until the day your lovely chopstick dance captures his mind!!!" She is often pictured kissing Garu, who looks very annoying. So cute.

Less cute were the undies saying "Better than it looks" and "Pink lady delight".

Samarra had to restrain herself from buying every Hello Kitty item she saw (only a pair of socks in the end) and I tried to restrain myself from silver earring buying, though I think I bought about 3 pairs plus two necklaces. Samarra cut me off but then when she took off home to change I was able to buy another pair in the subway ;)

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