Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Long Afternoon

I have just spent a pleasantly idle day reading a book about the pleasantly idle lives of a rich English couple living in Southern France between 1912-1942.

"Why do we organise our lives so that the happy days are surrounded by years of dutiful frustration? Why are we so ruled by convention?"
Written by Giles Waterfield and based on some details of his grandparents' lives, it's an interesting book. The writing seemed a bit stilted, but that invoked the livestyle they led. Helen is a huge hypochondriac and Henry rather weak.

I miss many things about Aberdeen, much as I used to complain about how cold and dark it is. But one cannot cling to one's past and I am sure I was right to come here and gain new experiences, and I shall be back to see you all, I hope very soon.
So true.

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