Sunday, April 01, 2007


It took me awhile to get excited about leaving Korea. To be honest, I am very settled and happy right now, and I wasn’t entirely sure it was a great idea to move somewhere else. I also have a piss poor sense of time and it just wasn’t really getting through to me that it was all getting so close. However, I just finished my 13th last day. Yep, folks, I’ve got a countdown now. My last day is Monday the 9th. I plan to fly out on Friday the 13th. Tempting fate, I know. The plan is to go to Candace’s and also to maybe take a quick two week vacation, since I’ve got some time to sit around and wait for that visa before I can work.

I have no idea where to go. Vietnam and Laos are both very, very tempting. I invited Lindsay along, though I’ve got no idea if it is too late for her to get time off work or what. I suppose most people can’t do stuff this last minute, but it seemed worth a try. Either way, I look forward to sitting around not doing much of anything for a bit. Working for an idiot takes a lot of energy and the Jooster has been quite trying of late. Imagine, Heritage-y writing its own grammar textbook! Fun! And though grammar is an admitted weakness at our school, in the meantime we are to cease teaching all grammar. Even more fun!

However, I got pulled into the office to hear how much I’m getting for my plane ticket today. It should comfortably cover my flight to Hong Kong and a flight to wherever else I decide to go. Maybe even a bit left over.

So, time to get my hepatitis A shot updated. And perhaps even start to pack. Southeast Asia, here I come!

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