Sunday, November 19, 2006

Weekend Ramblings

I do believe that the work week was invented to help people recover from their weekends. I never, ever seem to sleep enough on the weekends. I love to sleep. I want sleep.

It has been a good weekend. Thursday night was Ladies' Night in Itaewon, as usual, but for once I went to Helios (and the Loft later, of course). It was a cool night as I got to see a ton of people - first Debbie, then danced with Sheila and co., then saw Val and Reena at the Loft, bumped into Annie, Daniel, and Amanda. Met an entire Brazilian soccer team.

Friday was a very test intensive day at work, which is always a nice break. One of the kids wrote as a homework sentece "Julie and Amanda share new ideas" and I was very touched. Ellie is insisting that I wear my hair in a ponytail, so I'll have to remember today. Teaching is pretty random but fun.

Friday night I met up with Sheila and co. at 66, though I hadn't intended to head out. Ended up dancing in Q-Vo again and went for breakfast in Itaewon. Spent Saturday with a friend, giving myself only enough time to have a quick shower before heading to La Tavola with YJ for the best food ever. I love pasta soooooo much. We went to 3 Alley and there was a social experiment with an annoying song on a jukebox three times, though sadly we weren't able to see the fruits of that particular labor. Then we went to Geckos and bumped into the Gay Boyfriends and Sheila and her crew and any number of other people. Next up was 66 (the Playboy Mansion DJ being rather on the pricey side), where we bumped into the Julie brothers. A brief sidetrip to Tin Pans and we ended up in Stompers. Handkerchief girl and her posse were there, amusingly dancing to things like that Chicken Noodle soup song, all doing the same dance. Is this cool? I think not, anyway. It was a laugh for me though. Sadly, Stompers at 5am requires you to have rather a lot of drink in you to fully appreciate it, and I lacked that. On the way home there was an amusing exchange at the Mandu tent about some dukboki sauce and the individual wearing it. There was even some yelling out of a cab window, which very much amused both myself and the cab driver.

Sunday was a day of much needed rest. But then I also wandered to Itaewon to meet another Gay Boyfriend and too eat the best, most delicious caesar salad in Korea. Met up with many friends once again.

And thus we arrive at Monday morning. I rather need to get ready and head to the post office. I also want breakfast. Eggs. Yummy.

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