Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dancing on Tables, Here I Come...

Ooh oh yeah yeah, Oh what a night
It's ladies night

This is your night tonight,
Everything is going to be alright
This is your night tonight,
C'mon girls

Girls, we've all got one
A night that's special everywhere
From New York to Hollywood
It's ladies night and girl
The feeling's good

Romantic lady, ooh oh yeah, single baby
Mm sophisticated mama (woooooh)
Come on you disco baby, yeah, yeah
Stay with me tonight

If you hear any noise
It ain't the boys, it's ladies night, shhh, uh huh
Come on girls

Gonna step out ladies night
Steppin' out ladies night

Oh what a night (Oh what a night)

On disco lights your name will be seen
You can fulfill all your dreams
Party here, party there, everywhere
This is our night, ladies
You got to be there

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