Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Saga of R2J2

So, a friend's coworker has been fired. The path to this firing is particularly amusing though...

I first met him the Friday night of Halloween weekend. He managed to fall out of a chair for no reason, drop numberous lit cigarrettes out of his mouth and fling his eyeglasses across a bar. It turned out later that he was on speed, which kinda helped me understand the references to the PhD programme he'd dropped out of, the numerous credit cards and their ridiculous balances, and the other randomness.

Then, he managed to miss his visa run to Japan. And to get arrested for suspected dealing. And finally to not turn up to work, leave his door unlocked, and be found by his employer in a drugged state.

Farewell, R2J2. You were amusing while you lasted.

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