Sunday, November 12, 2006

Crazy Weekend

Well, perhaps not super crazy. But crazy fun, at the very least.

Thursday night turned out fairly crazy. Everybody was at the Loft and then I stayed out super late cause a friend was gonna stay out and go straight to work. Yep, that's the kind of country it is. And then, crazily, I decided to turn on my computer when I got home...

Friday night, YJ and I went for some Outback, thus beginning my weekend of bad food consumption. I am not sure that the side salad makes up for the cheesy fries, basically. Then we met Debbie to hit up an army doctors party. Was what I imagine American frat parties are like, but there were some fun people to chat with. We went to Hongdae, to 66 and Stompers and onwards to Sinchon, where I was so damn tired that once again I feel asleep. We met some cool people there - a Korean girl with the cutest british accent, another girl stuck babysitting a very drunken soldier. Tommy is the cutest ever! They went on to have doughnuts for breakfast, but I didn't have the stamina and headed home at 8.30.

Saturday was fun too. We headed to Puca Puca to have some coffee and chat and then met Lisa in a Family Mart. Was just about to call her and find out where she was when we randomly bumped into her. After some crowdedness at TinPans (helping geeky white boys dance on bars since 1999) we went to Q-Vo. I randomly picked up a Korean guy, which is certainly not something that happens often. After hours of dancing to cool music, and watching a guy dragged out by his belt by the bouncers, we went for food in the tent opposite 66. A plate of random seafood and an ommellette. Tasty.

Then today. I finished off my pizza (ordered on Saturday for its greasiness) and ended up in Itaewon. Bumped into Amber and crew and joined them in an Irish bar, went to meet Debbie and her friends at Gecko's Garden, YJ joined for some food and we headed to Geckos. Then the evening got wild. Sheila is such great fun and I was in a singing mood, so upon arriving in our hood, I called Laura who got dressed and joined us in some norae bang craziness! Thus, it is 3.47am on a Sunday night and I have had the most amazingly fabulous weekend. WooHoo!

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