Wednesday, November 29, 2006

American Thanksgiving, one week late

Ladies' Night last Thursday was wild, cause the soldiers all had Friday off for Thanksgiving. We started the night at Don Valley, for a goodbye dinner for YJ. I didn't want to admit that it was two days from her actually leaving, but that it was. Had one of those "vegetarian" moments, when poor Joel ended up with bibimbap with meat on it. Generally though, the rest of us consumed great quantities of meat very appreciatively. Joel and Debbie and I went on to do Ladies' Night, starting at Helios, where everyone seemed to be far drunker than I was gonna get (free drinks having finished) and busy pinching my ass, which is highly annoying. On the walk there we saw a ton of soldiers having a street fight, pursued by whistle-wielding Korean police officers and the MPs running up the road to try and difuse. I managed to lose people, find more people, randomly wander around, get refered to as reparations again and basically decided I was fed up and I wanted the Loft, dammit! So to the Loft we went. Watched two friends fight rather loudly about American politics and a rather interesting idea was suggested to me, one I sort of regret not taking up. (cryptic, yes!) Ended up wandering around Itaewon with Susan and meeting up with an old friend and then finally calling it a night.

I was up early Friday, not really by choice. Friday night YJ, Laura, Tommy, and I went to Ivy to have a couple of drinks. Then it was back to YJ's to help her pack and hang out. It was a sad goodnight, but with an amusing element: a drunken man was sleeping in the hallway, snoring very, very loudly.

The next morning, Laura, YJ and I got breakfast and had coffee at my place until YJ had to take off to the airport. I now have a sofa bed and a dresser and a vaccuum and a ton of kitchen stuff that I didn't have before. I'd rather have YJ back!

Saturday night was Carne Station for Amber and Sean's last night. Joel and Debbie made it was well. We went to TinPans and I bumped into someone I haven't seen in months. Ended up hanging out with him at Stompers for a bit. Ahhhh, Stompers. It's like nowhere else!

Sunday was once again a day of rest, followed by dinner at Geckos. This was punctuated by an annoying guy who bought himself flowers (?) and ended up leaving in a huff and Jane beating a guy at darts in her first ever game.

The weekend begins tomorrow night and looks fairly promising. I will be lunching at Thai Orchid, doing some randomness Satuarday night, and no doubt chowing down at Geckos come Sunday.

I like my routine. I just like it to occur in foreign countries, apparently.

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